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Dimes, quarters jump over 1 billion

Dimes and quarters mintages jumped over the one billion mark for the first six months of calendar year 2018.

As of the end of June, Denver and Philadelphia had produced a combined 1,021,000,000 dimes and 1,085,114,000 quarters.

As large as those numbers might seem, cent production at 4,212,800,000 during the first half leaves the other two denominations in the dust.

Nickels are even further behind at 607,200,000.

Half dollars and Native American dollars sold to collectors in rolls and bags only have mintages of 10.2 million and 3.5 million, respectively.


Monthly production in June backed off a tad from May.

A total of 1,198,340,000 pieces came off the coining presses compared to 1,291,760,000 the month prior.

Only the cent production number of 746,800,000 was larger than the May output number. Nickels, dimes and quarters declined. No halves or dollars have been struck since March.

If production numbers in the second half of the calendar year match those of the first half, 13,879,628,000 coins will be struck in 2018. That would represent a decline of nearly one billion pieces from 2017.

The post 2008 peak of U.S. coin production was 2015, when 17,046,700,000 were struck. Totals have declined year by year since then.

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