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Crowds arrive at Iola Old Car Show

Today I write about the Iola Old Car Show. It is not a numismatic topic, but it does have a major influence on all of the employees of Krause Publications, parent firm of Numismatic News.

Our regular parking lot is turned over to collectible cars, so the employees must park elsewhere and walk a bit to get to the building.

Fortunately, the weather is beautiful and we hope attendance will be high despite $4-a-gallon gasoline. The financial futures of more than 100 service clubs in the area are largely determined for the next year by the proceeds raised from working at the show. The show is incorporated as a nonprofit and the money that is raised is shared among the organizations.

In prior years we have attracted around 140,000 people over the course of four days. It is certainly something worth seeing.

For me, it gives me a chance to see another kind of show and how it works. I also cook hamburgers for the Lions Club. It is certainly unlike coin shows, but there are certainly lessons to be learned.
One of them is the importance of food. The big coin shows often fall down on food availability.

I imagine these shows are trapped by convention centers. The food at these shows is high priced and a treatment, not a treat, to eat. It reminds me of what airport food used to be like before the national food franchises arrived at airports.

Perhaps something can be done, perhaps not, but at least the car show has inspired a thought related to numismatics.