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Community Voice Responses: Sept. 3, 2019

From the August 9 Numismatic News E-Letter

Gold, silver, neither or both? What are you buying?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

I am not buying anything while prices are up.

David Wyndoze
via Facebook

I am buying Small Eagle bust coinage.

Wayne Aldrich
via Facebook

Confederate currency.

Rosa Lee Parks
via Facebook

I buy more graded MS70 silver. I also buy sets of coins in silver, graded.

Timothy Kenyon
Address withheld

I buy silver, but only at or below $15.00. And I buy most junk silver dimes. I’ve only cashed out twice in my life; once in January 1980 and a second time in April 2011. I plan on selling again sometime in 2040-41. I’ll be pushing 90 then.

Name and address withheld