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Community Voice Responses: Oct. 15, 2019

From the September 19 Numismatic News E-Letter

The ANA is asking about the location for future World’s Fair of Money shows. What do you think? Stay in Chicago, continue rotating, or move somewhere else?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter reader

I think it should move somewhere else.

Jay (Last name withheld)
Address Withheld

Keep it in Chicago.

Asim Saddal
Northbrook, Ill.

I think we should move it around to grow the hobby. Personally, I can’t afford to travel for shows but I’m very happy to make a day trip if I can. The last World’s Fair of Money I was able to attend was the one in Boston in 2010. Those of us in the Northeast really need something local. I live in Maine and the furthest away I could maybe make is NYC.

Christopher Blackington
via Facebook

Chicago is convenient for dealers and serious collectors who will travel to ANA shows no matter the location. However, it’s horrible for growing the hobby and mission of the ANA as it doesn’t bring in families or people who won’t make the trip for such an event. Overall, I’m in favor of rotating it across the U.S. to get the maximum exposure for the hobby and the organization.

John Brush
via Facebook

I’m with John Brush on this one. Rotating the show locations is great and we NEED more northeastern shows. Regardless of union costs, the turnout at the Philly show in 2018 speaks volumes-the Bos-Wash corridor is where the heartbeat of the United States is and also where a huge segment of U.S. collectors live or do business.

Josh McMorrow-Hernandez
via Facebook

It is my firm belief that regional and national shows should be held for the members, which means traveling around the region/country. When the World’s Fair of Money was held in Boston, many of my local colleagues had never been to an ANA show and will never again unless one is in the area. Rosemont is an ideal location but only a fraction of the ANA’s members are within a convenient drive of the place. Take the show to the members.

Bob Fritsch
Nashua, N.H.

I would like to see them rotate again.It was great when they were in Milwaukee, WI, but maybe bring it to Madison, WI.I would be flexible if they were to just to return to Milwaukee.

Scott L. Schable
Janesville, WI.

Get it out of Chicago and move it to one of the central states like Tennessee.

Jim Schoffstall
Address withheld

The ANA convention should rotate locations throughout the US so that collectors everywhere can enjoy it. Convention in “
Chicago” is not in Chicago. It is in the boondocks where there is no interesting place nearby.

Mel Wacks
Woodland Hills, Calif.

Leave it in Chicago. There is a good airport close by, good hotels and good entertainment with familiar surroundings.

Steve Costner
Shelby, N.C.

Why should Chicago get all the fun? Plus, Chicago is cold in the winter. the show should move to a different city each year.

Charlotte, N.C.

It should rotate. I can’t spend the money to both travel and buy coins. Come to Detroit. It has been 25 plus years and I would buy!

Norman Grange
Address withheld

I was once a member of the Photographic Society of America and they used to hold only one national convention a year but also held what was called regional PSA events (mini-conventions) of four days in quadrants of the U.S. i.e. Southeast US in spring, northwest US in mid-fall, etc.

Rick Ewing
Address withheld

I think it should continue rotating.

John Chopek
Millville, NJ

Either move it to, or in part of a rotation, to Las Vegas.

Michel Pauze
Las Vegas, Nev.

Please keep rotating the location of the shows.

Tom Jurewicz
Edmonds, Wash.

I think it should go elsewhere. Chicago is a dangerous city to have to stay at a convention center and not venture anywhere else.

William Meyers
Address Withheld

I suggest making the August location Rosemont, IL on a regular basis due to their current sales tax exemption for both coins and currency. This is a major factor when bidding on expensive items at auction as well as making purchases on the floor. Also, the convention center is conveniently located for hotels and restaurants. If other cities are to be considered, please select places with a tax exemption for both coins and currency.

John Shannon
Address withheld