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Community Voice Responses: July 23, 2019

From the June 28 Numismatic News E-Letter

What is the best deal you’ve gotten when buying a coin for your collection? Tell us your story.

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

The best deal I ever got was sort of by accident. I always like to rummage through the world coin and “junk” bins at my local coin shop where I especially like to pick up things I’ve never seen before or that look like they might be a fun challenge to research and try to ID.

One time I picked up a coin with Chinese characters and an image of old Chinese spade money on the reverse. It looked uncirculated to my eye and since I always like coins with coins on them, I put it in my pile and bought it for a dime.

Once I got home I started my research and discovered it was a 1936 A 10 fen (10 cents) coin from the Republic of China, minted in Vienna. That little A makes it worth about $30-40 in MS-60!

That same visit I picked up an XF 1908 Netherlands 5 cents for $1. It’s worth about $12-15 in XF-40. Not a bad investment!

Christopher Blackington
via Facebook

The best deal I’ve gotten was two small free gold coins from a charm bracelet that were going to be melted.

David Wyndoze
via Facebook

My best deal was when I bought my 09’s VDB and 16-D Mercury from my brother for $1,500.00 The 09’s VDB is in AU RB and the 16-D is G. He also gave me a Wisconsin High Leaf in AU that he had found in his change for no extra charge.

Robert Clark
via Facebook

My best coin deal was a few years ago. I was at a coin store looking through the IH cents for upgrades. One of the coins was a 1909 in XF+ written on the 2x2. It was indeed a very nice coin with fours tars, full Liberty etc. It was marked $14.00. I bought it with a few other coins.When I got home, my intent was to place it in my Dansco album. All the coins had a light greasy, gunky feel to them so I wiped them down with a micro fiber cloth before inserting them in my album.

Upon wiping the 1909, there was a very clear S on the reverse. I did not see it when it was in the 2x2. I looked. My $14.00 upgrade coin became a hole filler in the $900.00 range (depends on what resource you use). The coin was sent in for grading and was authenticated as genuine. Nothing has compared to that since.

Bradley Muelken
Cosmopolis, Wash

Ordering and receiving the presidential coin and chronicle sets from the mint at cost is a purchase that comes to mind.Also, the gold type set I put together almost at bullion pricing is another.

Joe Gorak
Carlsbad, Calif.

Back in 1967 I bought a 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter in VG condition for $2.00. I still have it and it was one of my favorite purchases.

Tom Squires
Staten Island, N.Y.