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Community Voice Responses: July 2, 2019

From the June 7 Numismatic News E-Letter

What rare coins will be popular in 100 years?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

The Liberty of Thought(aka Mercury) Silver Dime will always be a collector’s item as well as Walking Liberty Half Dollars. And any of the nineteenth century coins will demand collector interest, especially Bust type.

Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

I feel and have always felt in the next 100 years the rare coins that will be (more) popular will be any Pre-1933 Gold coins. I personally love the imagery of the $10 Indian Head Gold coins, especially the no motto variety.

Michael Ingraldi
Clifton, N.J.

It is my prediction that almost all of the current and recent U.S. Mint products will be looked at with disdain.

It seems that coins and currency become hot collectibles and the price elevates to the point of being out of reach of a majority of collectors. Then another coin or currency type becomes the new hot item while the previous declines in value.U.S. Coins were the hot item, then came U.S. Currency, sequencing into foreign coins and foreign currency.Ancient coins of Roman and Greek empires are becoming very popular.

What holds for the future 100 years from now will be several cycles and at that period, it will be primitive monies from less known regions and ethnic groups. Much of these monies will either predate “coins” or be in the form that most non-collectors wouldn’t think of as money. Examples would be Kissi pennies and Katanga cross from Africa, Tiger Tongue from Siam, fishhooks, arrowheads and various forms of shell money. I would include various Chinese monies but there will still be counterfeiters, and to the extent most collectors will continue to avoid this with a passion.

Duane A Higgins
Matthews N.C.

The 1892-S Half dollar in any grade! And the GSA CC Morgan dollars.

Richard R Bryner Jr.
Address withheld