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Common dates make some small price gains

Your common date, common condition U.S. coins might be taking a turn for the better. Granted, it is just modest upward price movement, but in a market like this any increase is important.


Nowadays Wall Street determines just how much discretionary money people perceive they have to spend by the fluctuating price of equities. When equities decline, which they have been doing for more than a week at the time this commentary is being written, you might expect commodities, including gold and silver to appreciate accordingly. In fact, gold and silver are up – but the gains are modest.

What this might suggest is that non-collectors who enter the coin market hoping to make money rather than to pursue the hobby remain in short supply.

The current stagnation in equities, commodities and the overall coin market are all related to the performance of the President’s agenda. When that agenda moves forward, so does everything else. When his agenda stagnates as was witnessed with the Affordable Care Act defeat, even the coin market is impacted.

Rare coins continue to hold their own, but once again with only a few exceptions this market segment is moving horizontally.

What does all this mean? This may be a buying opportunity. Fear drives markets. Fear motivates commodity-related markets. There is no suggestion fear is driving markets right now. Today’s coin prices might be considered bargains tomorrow.

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