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Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion

The United States Mint, together with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing began offering a commemorative set, recognizing the 100th anniversary of the American Legion on September 16.The set includes a commemorative 100th-anniversary coin along with a full-color print, embossed with gold foil to capture the artistry of the emblem.The print is not available individually, but only with the set.

Coin Detail Gold

Collectors have three options for purchasing this set.The first set includes an American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof $5 Gold Coin with a gold foil print.At the time of this printing, the set is listed at $493.95.The second set comes with an American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof clad half dollar and the foil-embossed print.It is currently listed for $41.90.The third option includes an American Legion 100th Anniversary 2019 Proof silver dollar and the American Legion Centennial Emblem Print and is listed for $68.90 currently.The mint notes that prices may vary for products containing gold and silver as the precious metals market varies.

The gold option notes a mintage limit of 50,000 across all product options with no product or household limit.The two other options, clad or silver, indicate a mintage limit of 400,000 across all product options, again with no product or household limits.

The gold coin will carry a surcharge of $35 per coin, the clad coin a $5 surcharge and the silver dollar carries a $10 surcharge.The surcharges are to be paid to The American Legion to support its programs for veterans, members of the Armed Forces, and other purposes specified by the authorizing legislation.

These sets seem like they might make very nice gifts for the upcoming holiday season for those of you who have veterans or members of the Armed Forces in your family.

Orders can be placed by calling the Mint at 800-USA-MINT or online at