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Collectors find the time to spend with coins

When I was a kid, summer vacation was the time of year when I spent enormous amounts of time on coin collecting.

This memory inspired me to ask the following question in our Friday e-newsletter:

“Do the holidays keep you from spending time on coin collecting?”

I wondered if the rush of family activities might prevent collectors from doing their thing.

We aren't kids anymore.

Those who took the time to send their answers to me over the long holiday weekend obviously were spending some time on numismatics, even if it was only to clear out their inbox.

To varying degrees, all said the holidays do not prevent them from spending time on their hobby.

That is good to hear.

Some even shared their thoughts that the holiday season is a better time to spend on coins.

How so?

One cited potential bargains.

“This time of year is a great time to buy coins. Some dealers are looking to clean up their inventories.”

This is the thought of a true hobby veteran.

Another reader responded with this:

“For Thanksgiving, I did get together with my younger brother, and lifelong collecting partner, to sort through and get our collections in order.”

While those who took the time to express an opinion said the holidays don't stop their collecting activities, I was not exactly overwhelmed by the number of responses.

Some readers very likely were distracted from the hobby by their family obligations.

Perhaps making up for that, I received other emails from individuals who probably know nothing about poll questions.

They were very clearly focusing on coins in their time off.

Errors were on the minds of many of these.

I received the requisite number of photographs of cents from people who think they might have found a 1982-D small date copper cent.

None did, but I wish them good hunting.

Another had a strange-looking half dollar that I sent on to error expert Ken Potter.

Another was reporting multiple defects in some quarters.

I sent these images on to Ken Potter as well.

What is clear to me from the emails is holiday or no holiday, collectors find the time to focus on the hobby they love.

I am glad.

Perhaps that is what I was most thankful for at the Thanksgiving table.

I would not have a job if they didn’t find that time for coins.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog for the third time in 2017. He is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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