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Coins and Currency of the Mid-East

For those hovering on the KP numismatic book radar, a title may have excaped you two years ago. It is Coins and Currency of the Mid-East.

Co-authored by myself and Tom Michael, it holds several firsts for the KP numismatic stabe. It is the first 6x9 format coin and currency combination product done in full color. It was a first exposure to have a targeted audience outside the traditional hobby - returning servicemen. It was a first to cross fields and incude other stuff - like challenge coins, pogs, posters, propaganda leafelets. It was the first to take advantage of full-color military photographs of troops in the field. Mostly from the current lingering multi-national war in Iraq, Iraqi Freedom

It covers the US actions in the Mid-East over the past 25 years and is an identification guide for what servicemen were returning with stuff.

The official KP catalog listing includes: In addition to collectible commerce from more than 20 countries, this book contains other memorabilia and collectibles that represent a rarely seen side of Middle East conflicts. More than 400 color photos and illustrations help to identify coins and currency, showcase military medals, propaganda leaflets, mementos and depict the lives of soldiers serving in the Middle East. Whether soldier, collector, dealer, historian or a family member looking for details about new heirlooms, this is the absolute authority on Middle Eastern currency and military memorabilia. Desert Storm was a bit more forgiving with return of war trophies than the current action.

Contains listings for various forms of Middle Eastern currency, creating a reliable and extensive collecting reference.

400+ color illustrations help identify coins and currency, and better understand the geographic region, various conflicts, and diverse keepsakes. Plus, reference sections featuring conflict timelines, numeric systems, and online resource for further research.

What were we thinking?...well, that the troops would have been home two years ago, and that this war would be behind us. But, no. So it has become an unpopular book (still available from our bookstore) for an unpopular continuing event.