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Coin Market: Collector enthusiasm meets dealer caution

By Richard Giedroyc

There is enthusiasm among coin collectors, yet there is caution among coin dealers. The fall season has kicked off, with collectors looking enthusiastically for everything from bullion-related coins to rare coins.

The problem is the current price levels. This isn’t a problem for collectors, who recognize current values are the most consumer friendly they have been in years. Collectors are not seeking all sorts of coins. I have heard comments that collectors never anticipated being able to afford certain rarities, but now they own them.

Active collectors have the money and are willing to spend it, especially due to the economic security provided by current stock market profitsand favorable employment trends.

Dealers, however, are being conservative, offering carefully weighed and adjusted pricing for what they can purchase. They are trying to remain ahead of the curve on what has become a noticeably declining pricing trend.

No dealer wants to purchase inventory at levels at which that inventory will not turn over quickly because of such volatile market conditions. While collectors are basking in the current environment, investors and speculators are still few and far between. When (not if) investors and speculators return to the collectible coin market dealers will likely feel more comfortable and get more aggressive with their purchases.

In the meantime, collectors won’t fade away under such circumstances. They may simply need to reconsider the number of coins to buy at favorable prices. That is a nice situation to be in, but it will not last.

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