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Cipoletti Leave Responses

From the Aug. 16 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: The new American Numismatic Association board put executive director Christopher Cipoletti on paid administrative leave. Do you agree with the decision? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the Aug. 16 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

The new American Numismatic Association board put executive director Christopher Cipoletti on paid administrative leave. Do you agree with the decision?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I believe its an important first step in his removal as director. I started having second thoughts after attending the ?special? party for Library Building Fund donors. I witnessed a shameful display by the board.
We were taken to one of the most expensive restaurants in Colorado Springs and were treated to a dinner in celebration and were honored for making our donations. What bothered me was Cipoletti coming around to the tables and telling everyone to ?order whatever we wanted.? Drinks, appetizers and steak and lobsters were had by all. (Mostly board members). Virtually every entree? on the menu was in the $30 range and appetizers were in the $12 range. God only knows what the wine was.
The ANA was at the time in the same dire financial straights as they find themselves today. I struggled to find something to order to eat. I assure you my portion of that bill was less than $15. I would love to see the audit of that bill for that evening?s entertainment How much would a bill for 80 people be with no limits on what was consumed?
 When I returned home, I instructed my office manager to suspend payments on our pledge. I told Cipoletti that we were having a ?difficult? year due to the robbery we had suffered at Long Beach and were in an ?awkward position? and would the ANA understand that we?d make our pledge, but it was going to take longer than we expected. I was told that they would. (Interestingly, I have nothing in writing on this, so one wonders if it would be recalled based on his performance in the naming rights matter). Upon Mr. Cipoletti?s removal, we?ll continue making our payments.

Michael P. Schiller
Allouez, Wis.

I am so sick of hearing about the ANA! I never read the articles about it.
I collect because I enjoy collecting and enjoy learning about the history of the coins. The ANA who held a great show here in Milwaukee should focus on the education and furthering the hobby, not the politics. When will it all go away?

John Biel
Milwaukee, Wis.

I feel we should not have to pay him while he is on paid leave, as we will also have to pay Ken Hallenbeck wages. They got themselves into their mess, why should we have to pay for it also?
I remember their offence and felt they should have been dismissed from their positions immediately. They knew what they were doing, they just got caught! Actual ignorance of the laws of the ANA and of the USA is no excuse! It?s a copout! I think it should go to trial, but we shouldn?t have to pay for their corruptions.
Maybe I was harsh in my statement, but most of us are not in the positions these gentlemen are. And they should have known better. I am only in my first year in the ANA, and after some of the things I?ve read about the history of the board of governors, we really needed the change. I believe the ANA needs a fresh board and the bylaws updated. It seemed that the bylaws were only meant for the members and not the board. The higher ups should be setting a good example.
I had wanted to be enrolled in the ANA for years. I am proud that I finally am. The ANA has a very good reputation, and we should do what it takes to erase this blemish bestowed upon us.

ANA member Pam Hampton
Meadview, Ariz.

Yes, I agree with the new board, but wish they could have just fired him. Do understand though that they must work out of this mess that he created. With the new board and Cipoletti gone I will now renew my ANA membership for certain.

Griff Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

It may be wise for the ANA board to put Mr. Cipoletti on paid administrative leave while they sort out what has been going on over the past few years; however, the board should also seriously consider withdrawing from the lawsuit against the former ANA employees. The suit appears to be petty and vindictive. It should not have been brought in the first place. Even if ANA should win the suit it seems unlikely they will be able to gain any significant economic benefits, and it certainly does not help ANA recruit top-notch employees.

Joel Anderson
Grover Beach, Calif.

Yes, I think it was a good decision to remove Mr. Cipoletti from his office.
However, I do not think that the ANA Board placed Mr. Cipoletti on administrative leave so he could prepare for trial. I think they removed him because of all the complaints and demands by ANA members that he be removed from office. Furthermore, I most sincerely hope that the board never allows Mr. Cipoletti to return to any ANA office and that they decide to end the ?paid? aspect of his leave very quickly.

Doug Prather
Salt Lake City, Utah

The ax fell quickly. The poor guy didn?t even have a chance to hand out to the new board the ceremonial rubber stamps. This is, however, what the membership wanted. I?m pleased, even though my ballot arrived on July 31, and I didn?t personally get the opportunity to get in on this ?revolution.? After the dust settles, can we do Washington, D.C. ? Go ANA!

Tom Snyder
Waukesha, Wis.

Anyone who attended the candidate forum at the National Money Show in Charlotte heard many of the candidates, now board members, question the effectiveness of Executive Director Chris Chipoletti. What surprised me was the speed in which the new board acted. Also, considering their statements and those printed since that evening, I was surprised that President Barry Stuppler and Vice President Patti Finner voted with the new members. This is a good first step for the board who promised change. I look forward to see what they do in the future.

Scott Barman
Rockville, Md.

Putting Christopher Cipoletti on leave is a good idea. The only thing better would be to fire him. I assume that is not being done now because he has an ?iron-clad employment agreement,? given to him by the morons that previously ran the ANA Board, that gives him a great deal of money if he is fired. He has done a lot of harm to the ANA, and the faster they get rid of him, the better.

Charles Ross
Englewood, Fla.

I for one could care less about the new ANA Board and their dealings. It seems to me that we should get back to the business of coin collecting and forget about these dunderheads. This type of activity sure stirs up the old ladies within the ANA organization. GET A LIFE, FELLAS!

Ed Zumstein
Salem, Ore.

I would hope that this board action is not interpreted nor intended as support for Mr. Cippoletti. He deserves none. He alienated and/or terminated a number of very good and loyal ANA employees.

Bob Olson
Springfield, Ill.

Yes, I agree. I will rejoin ANA once he has been fired. ?Leave? is not good enough for me.

Jeff Yarchin
Charlotte, N.C.

I certainaly agree that the gentleman should be placed on leave.
Any time there is ANY kind of litigation that involves an employee (no matter who it may be), that employee should not be left in a postion to make any kind of decision or even make statements as a representative of his employer.

Joe Chavez
St. Paul, Minn.

Quite frankly, I am just an average collector and not the lease bit interested in the whole affair! Collecting is supposed to be a diversion from the ills of business and society ? or so I have thought. I can read about political in-fighting ad nauseam in the local newspapers. That?s all this whole ANA thing amounts to. I think the ent ire coin collecting realm would do just fine without the ANA!

David Smith
Somerville, Tenn.

My name is Doug Hershey. I am in Amarillo, Texas. I think the ANA was going the wrong way. When I voted I just wanted all of the former board members out. I think we need more changes. Maybe the new board will continue to make good moves. I was surprised the old board didn?t change the bylaws. I think that showed some integrity.

Doug Hershey
Amarillo, Texas