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Chronicles set ships rapidly

Reports are beginning to reach me from my readers that they have received the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set from the U.S. Mint.

Rob Birnbaum e-mailed me, “Received it by Saturday. I like it and it was worth the time I spent ordering it.”

Nothing will overcome the memory of the ordering delays of Oct. 15 faster than rapid delivery of the coins.

The standard posted delivery date for the early orders was Oct. 30, so collectors will be pleased to get the sets ahead of time.

It certainly won’t hurt that secondary market prices are far higher than issue price of $55.95.

Harv Laser has been looking at the secondary market and he e-mailed me his findings.

“Highest price I can find in eBay closed auctions is still $349.95 from 15 October, 2009. Second highest is $299.99 from yesterday (Oct. 21), he wrote.

“I haven’t seen any show up in dealer print ads yet, but I haven’t gotten your latest issue yet.”

Perhaps having a few problems ordering isn’t all bad. It enhances that sense of triumph among collectors after all is said and done.

Perhaps what the Braille Education Set needs are simulated order delays that would be noticed quickly by collectors.