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Canada and Cook Islands with creative Titanic designs

The Royal Canadian Mint has two additional entries for the Titanic Centennial. I think that both are well done. The first is a a 50 Cent piece. It has a unique waterline view of the ship sailing foreward as seen from near the iceberg. The waves of the ocean waters are colored.

Canada Titanic 50c waves

The second entry is a 25 cent denomination and has a color printing divided into two scenes.The first image is of the ship at pier side with cheering crowds in teh foregoround, and the other is a side view of the ship sailing at night. The daylight clouds of the pier view blend into the sea waves of the nighttime view. Both coins are artistically well done.

Canada Color

The Cook Island coin is distinctive and creative as it includes a colored rendering of the skylight on the main staircase made famous in many of the 1997 movie scenes. The lines of the leaded glass window extend into raised lines with additional design elements on the field of the coin. One of the two views of the ship is quite different too, in that it depicts the ship in ruins as it looks today on the ocean floor.

Cook Islands, window and wreck

There are other commemoratives already out for the Titanic centennial, and doubtless there is still time for more to be announced.