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Busy Days at World Money Fair

It's Friday morning at the 40th Annual World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany and I've had a few very busy days since I last posted. Here's a quick rundown of what's happened.
On Wednesday we have had our visit to the Gold Giganten exhibit at the Bode where we saw many wonderful examples from both the Muenzkabiett Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Muenzkabinett Wein. Sponsors of this display also include Kuenker and Oseterreichische NationalBank and others. There you can see examples from ancient times to present issues from bothe the Royal canadian Mint and Austrian Mint. It's a wonderfully enticing array and will be on display there through March 13, so try to have a visit.
We also were privilegded to have a trip to the Bundeskanzler to experience the announcement of this years 2 Euro commemoratove from Germany. At this event I had the pleasure of meeting the Hoyer family, father, mother and daughter all coinage designers! Heinz Hoyer did the sculpting desing work for this years 2 Euro issue.