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Bullion’s shadow hangs over market

Collectible and bullion impacted coins continue to sell in a tight range as this market commentary is being written. Gold bullion is trying to hold above $1,200 while silver is making its goal line stand at $14.

CMAG 1204

There has been some uptick in activity in gold coins that appears to originate from stock market investors looking to cushion their now increasingly vulnerable stock and bond portfolios.

So far, renewed interest by investors in gold has had little impact on collector coins like those from the First Spouse program. These gold coins were struck as proof and uncirculated during the years 2007-2016. Some of the later issues come with incredibly low mintages, but they sell well on the Internet only if priced properly. They fail to sell when any effort is made to increase what profit will be realized.

Likewise, the resistance to price increases continues in most areas of silver coins, including scarce to rare as well as generic yet collectible coins.

Morgan silver dollars, often considered the barometer of the collectible coin market, continue to show no direction, with a few high-grade dates increasing in value, but many others continue to decline.

Copper coin collectors have always been fickle. especially due to planchet quality on early issues, toning. and patina, making this area of coins difficult to access. If there has been any upward trend in overall prices. copper coins are where the action is.

Enthusiasm for new U.S. Mint product sales continue to suggest there is a strong base of beginning collectors, but how many of them will graduate to more ambitious areas of collecting is yet to be seen. It will take time. I’ll keep watching.

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