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Bullion spot prices have been quietly appreciating

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Are we finally off our “lows” but we don’t know it? Gold has yet to challenge the $1,300 level. Silver has not yet reached back to $15 an ounce. Platinum’s price remains abysmal. Nevertheless, the bullion spot price for each of these precious metals has been quietly appreciating while remaining under the media’s radar. They continue to trade within a range, something the stock market has recently failed to do. Each of these metal commodities has everything to do with the coin market regardless of whether it be for Gold, Silver, and Platinum American Eagles or for rarities.

There are other coins that are finally showing signs of life as well – these perhaps coming as a surprise since they are 2018 U.S. Mint products. The two standouts for 2018 are the 2018-S Reverse Proof silver set and the 2018-W American Palladium Eagle proof coin. Both are trading well above their issue price, a surprise considering the continuing poor performance made by the annually released Mint and Proof sets, as well as by most modern commemorative coins and commemorative coin sets.

The bottom line continues to be the amount of demand when compared to the existing supply available on the market. There are plenty of active collectors. Many of them appear to be more interested in modern than “historic” coins. The performance of the Reverse Proof set and PAE suggest there are hungry speculators out there, but for the most part the investor sector of the market still remains dormant. Without the broader demand investors bring to the table, the value of “historic” coins will likely continue to remain relatively stagnant into the immediate future.

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