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Bullion rally gives welcome boost to coin prices

Gold and silver are rallying, as are bullion and bullion-impacted coins. Blame the recent stock market turmoil if you like, but this time it appears the metals may be moving higher on their own. Stock markets are fueled by greed or fear. Fear appears to be triggering silver having recently broken through the $15-an- ounce resistance level, with gold continuing to inch closer to the $1,300-an-ounce resistance level many gold coin collectors have been anticipating for some time. This recent development is helping to lift many coin values moderately. It must be kept in mind that scarce and rare coins march to a different beat, fueled by supply and demand rather than commodity values.

umicore precious metals bars

There was an increase in the total hammer prices of coins offered at public auction during 2018. However it also appears the trend is for coins to be consigned to auctions rather than being sold over the counter to dealers.

The fixed price list is increasingly becoming something out of the past as collectors find they can sell their coins online without the assistance of a dealer. Grade rarity has become important, with some grade rarities going for many multiples of what a coin of one grade increment less realizes. This is a good thing if the buyer understands grading standards, but can be a problem that discourages the less informed buyer from continuing to collect. Additional coin buyers will boost demand. The movement in precious metals is drawing more attention to coins.

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