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Bullion prices call the shots for many issues

Turbulence in the gold and silver bullion market have created uncertainty for coins such as the American Eagle program and the First Spouse gold coin series. In each case, the proofs and some of the uncirculated coins have numismatic value, but otherwise most are at the mercy of their intrinsic price.


The same can be said for popularly collected series such as 20th century dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars. The better dates or the better condition coins are commanding a premium, but the balance of these coins is perhaps one step above bullion value.

Even among these better dates or better condition coins, any recent price increases have been modest. There are significant areas within earlier U.S. coin issues that are likewise valued more for the bullion than for their collector value, but for the most part collector interest is supporting better prices.

Morgan silver dollars continue to hold their own, but once again it is only the better dates or the superior condition coins that are showing any promise of an increase in value.

Peace silver dollars are the only truly noticeably declining market sector. They often play second fiddle to Morgans and that is especially true this week.

In the short run the market is overall quiet. Significantly better coins primarily available at auctions have continued to be the bright spot illuminating the market, but even here any increases can be called spotty, with no recognizable pattern.

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