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British Colonial Coinage at DNW Auction

Dix Noonan Webb Present Great Irish Collection & More

Tomorrow Dix Noonan Webb will be selling Part II of a wonderful collection of Irish Coinage which spans most all eras. The offering begins with gold ring money from the first millennium BC, parading through a variety of classic Medieval Coinage from John, Henry III, Edward I, Edward IV, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Philip and Mary and up into the early coins of Elizabeth I.

Of course, for me, it is the superior collection of coins of the Great Rebellion which hold the most interest. Many types are represented here and most any Ireland collector should have an opportunity to acquire new specimens. There are several examples of Inchiquin Money, Dublin Money and Ormonde Money of the Lords Justices.

Dublin Money is quite rare and not often seen up for sale, but this auction offers both a Crown and a Halfcrown. The Crown is lovely, the Halfcrown a bit weaker in strike but less often encountered, so don't miss this chance to add one to your collection.

There are fourteen Ormonde coins in the NDW sale 78 including three Crowns, two Halfcrowns and a scarce large letter Twopence (pictured at the top of this posting) from the normally encountered 1643/1644 issue. But my excitment really ramps up a step at lots 83 and 84, a Crown and Halfcrown from the seldom encountered 1649 issue. Don't miss them! They do not come around too often.

Also in this Irish offering are couple scarce Kilkenny types, including theCastle above K coutermark, which is seldom seen for sale. There are two sharp Blacksmith Halfcrowns, and a couple Cork issues, including the Cork and castle on a klippe, which I don't recall seeing very often.

A third Cork piece cataloged as lot 121 is sepearted from the others, as it may be from the Civil War of 1689-1691 but attribution is not yet quite certain. This coin hosts a countermark of a leopards head above CORKE with palm leaves below, struck over a 1677 token of William Ballard. I think it must be rather scarce,as I don't recall seeing it offered more than one or two times before.

In standard Ireland coinage this sale hosts many sharp examples of types from Charles II, James II including Gunmoney, some Limerick coinage, plus coins of most other British rulers and several Free State issues.

This catalog would be an excellent addition to any British Colonial or British Commonwealth reference library, but will be especially important for the collector of Irish coinage.