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Bottom line is bottom line

It’s all about price. In my 33 years sitting at this desk at Krause Publications, the most frequently asked questions are dominated by coin values, or whether some new issue will likely rise in price.

This line of thought is understandable among collectors. Prices relate to rarity and condition and they help guide many of our activities.

Price guides have always been popular. If that were not the case, there would be many fewer books and periodical price guides in our hobby line-up.

I was reminded about this basic fact when discussing collector psychology with Mike Shutty yesterday in our online seminar. He wrote a book called One Coin is Never Enough.

We could probably issue a companion book and call it One Price Guide is Never Enough. It would probably outsell the other by quite a margin.

In advance of these online seminars registrants can pose questions. We try to answer as many as we can in the presentation.

Among the advance questions for yesterday’s seminar were price questions even though market values were not the topic up for discussion.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to me.

Coin collecting may be about economics, history, art, beauty, grading and sentimental connections to our personal past, but boiled down to its essence what is left is price.