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Booklet Walks Reader Through Collection Inheritance, Disposal

Perhaps a coin collection has made its way to you from a family member, and it has ignited your collecting spark. Or maybe you are beginning to think about what to do with the collection you’ve built when it comes time to part with it.


Before making a decision on what to do when inheriting or disposing of a coin collection, the American Numismatic Association suggests collection owners pick up a copy of Managing & Settling a Numismatic Estate: How to Preserve or Dispose of a Coin Collection, a booklet by David S. Lande, Bill Fivaz and Beth Deisher, produced by the ANA.

The booklet covers practical tips for caring for a collection, inventorying and assessing value to the coins, and finding buyers. Among the items readers will learn about are how to create an estate plan, liquidate a collection and donate the coins for a tax deduction.

Available on, the guide is described as “practical and easy to understand, showing how to preserve or dispose of a coin collection in a way that works best for you.”

The 40-page booklet is currently priced at $9.95 on Amazon. It is also available for purchase directly from the ANA by calling (800) 514-2646.





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