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Banknotes for sale, and they are going away, far away!

Shopping for Notes?

This fall I have had the opportunity to help a “retired” collector disperse his paper money collection. I found it was interesting in that it was a mix of numerous very expensive items and a bunch of common items, and then some non-saleable items. It was a collection in that it was organized, labeled and identified, but it did not form a pattern – it was purely random. There were no complete country type groups, nor topical areas such as birds or Queen Elizabeth II portraits. Many of the items were purchased in-country on overseas business trips in the mid 1960s.

That is what made it exciting. It was fresh material. Several high denominations, some of which I had never seen in person. When I priced it out and brought it to the Mid-west chapter of the International Bank Note Society, I created a feeding frenzy at two meetings straight!

Now, I have begun to sell the notes on a popular internet auction site. Due to the weak dollar, strong Pound and Euro, and many other currencies, and the ease of electronic payment, most of my sales have been to overseas customers, both in Europe and Asia. The cash availability and market for China is exploding.

It is nice to have the opportunity to experience and play in the marketplace, rather than being an observer.