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Anybody watching ANA drama?

Gold? ANA? Gold? ANA?

Which topic is likely to be of greater interest to the most people?

I expect it is gold.

The price is down this morning to around $1,835 an ounce and that will probably concern more numismatists than the new drama now occurring around the leadership of the American Numismatic Association.

For the ANA board, though, they are jumpy as cats. That’s understandable.

The formal ANA statement issued yesterday, timed at 6:39 p.m. in my email, is much shorter than an average blog entry and reveals little.

“ANA Executive Director Placed on Administrative Leave” was the headline.

The total body text, other than a boilerplate description of ANA, reads as follows:

“American Numismatic Association Executive Director Larry Shepherd has been placed on administrative leave during an organizational review process, President Tom Hallenbeck has announced.”

The website CoinWeek provided some comments posted on the U.S. coin message board of the Professional Coin Grading Service’s website. They were posted by ANA board member Greg Lyon, but they apparently were taken down within an hour of posting, as only his name remains.

According to CoinWeek, Lyons wrote:

“Unfortunately, I cannot add much to this discussion beyond what was released in the press release. As many of you are aware, there are significant legal reasons why details cannot be released. This decision was not taken lightly and was clearly in the best interest of the ANA.

“At this point, an investigation will be conducted by a third-party group and any further decisions will be made by the board subsequent to that investigation.

“I am saddened that this had to be one of the first actions I took after joining the board. I welcome any questions – which will be answered as best possible – through this thread or private messages.”

CoinWeek added: “The ‘Third Party Group’ Mr. Lyon referred to is Employer’s Resources of Colorado, which handles HR issues.

“Mr Lyon went on to say that ‘There was a board vote taken, as the ANA Press Release states. This is not a political move – and has nothing to do with the convention (other than timing), but rather one based on evidence presented to the board.’”

The link is below.