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ANACS clears out late orders

Guaranteed turnarounds offered by grading service.
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The ANACS grading service, is clearing out its backlog of late orders.
 James Taylor, ANACS’ president and chief operating officer, is saying they’re a thing of the past.

“One of my first priorities upon arriving at ANACS was to get all the late orders out,” said Taylor. “On July 25, my first day at ANACS, too many of our orders were two or more months late. I’m proud to announce that we are current with all our service tiers, including Economy. This is entirely due to the nearly Herculean efforts of our graders and processors. They’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to sleep in on a weekend, they have put in so many hours so they could better serve our customers.”

ANACS is celebrating by offering guaranteed turnarounds, or it’s free. According to Taylor, “This offer is for all tiers of service, from 1-Day to Economy and it also includes our Modern service. This means that Economy submissions will be sent back within 21 business days from the day we receive them. Actually, our goal is to get them back even faster. And if we don’t, then there is no charge to the customer and that even includes return postage.”

According to Taylor, “The guaranteed turnaround times are just the beginning of a number of improvements that the coin community can expect from ANACS in the coming days. Simply stated, it’s a new day at ANACS.”

Guaranteed turnarounds are good for all orders received at ANACS through Dec. 31, 2005 and apply to all coins. Variety attributions are an extra five working days and variety researches are an extra 10 working days.
For more information or to request an ANACS submission form call (800) 888-1861 or go online at