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Americana Sale Offers the Eclectic

Second Session of the Americana Sale Dazzling

The second session of the Stack's Americana Sale opens with a fine selection of New York countermarked Joes, the work of John Burger, Ephraim Brasher, Jacob Boelen III and others. This is followed by the Michael K. Ringo collection of American silver and coin silver tableware, containing many items from smiths and jewelers in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and other eastern states.

A large run of United States medals graces the the center of this session, along with smatterings of unusual items such as slave tags, Hard Times tokens, Indian Peace medals, U.S. Mint medals, Franklin medals, award medals, exhibition medals, exposition pieces, decorations, coin scales, political items, encased postage, Washington pieces, campaign medals, and oddities like this 1824 half dollar counterstamped with Washington and Lafayette for the his American visit.

The sale concludes with a vast array of U.S. coinage of all types, including a nice selection of CC $20 gold pieces, a 1793 half cent, some great California gold, a large collection of Bechtler territorial gold coins and a reappearance of the excessively rare and desireable 1849 Bowie $5 gold piece from the John J. Ford collection, with an opening bid of $180,000.