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A Kreuzer is a Kreuzer is a Kreuzer

A Question of Denomination

I get many questions about world coins and the Standard Catalog of World Coins (SCWC) every week by phone, email and mail. The answer to some of these questions may be of universal help to users of the SCWCand NumisMaster, so I will occassionally be posting them here for everyone to share. Keep an eye out, get an RSS feed or check this category periodically for useful questions and answers.

Bob Carl called to ask:

"I have a coin from Silesia in the German States. It is listed under C#57 (now KM#1065) as a Kreuzer denomination, but I see 1/2 Kreuzer before this and 9 Kreuzer after this, so how many Kreuzer is mine?"

In the Standard Catalog of World Coins and on NumisMaster, we list fractions and multiples of a base denomination with numbers, but the base is listed by just it's name. So a half thaler is listed as 1/2 Thaler, a two thaler is listed as 2 Thaler and a one Thaler is listed as simply Thaler.

So Bob, your coin is actually a one kreuzer, or more simply, a Kreuzer.