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48 Hours to Houston

Our Southwest Journey continues...


Last you heard we were waiting in the St. Louis airportfor our delayed flight to Oklahoma Citywith final connection to Houston. The gate worker who told me to sit down, did eventually announce over the loud speaker that we would make our connecting flights in Oklahoma City, so, thus reassured, we waited in contemplation.

Boarding the plane went smoothly and we were happily surprised to find that this particular plane offered the first light hearted, pleasant and efficient Southwest workers of our dismal trip. This flight crew was great, making jokes and lightening our spirits, doing their jobs with a special touch of humour similar to what the Southwest TV commecials indicate as representative of their entire company. It was a great flight and I thank that crew for their bouyancy, but as my wife Sara said, it was too little, too late for us.

Landing in Oklahoma City, we had about an hour to make our connection to Houston. This was just about enough time for us to explore a bit, check some football scores and get lunch. We all agreed that the Oklahoma City airport was about the nicest airport facility we have ever seen. Slate on the walls, lots of glass, warm sunshine coming in and good places to eat. Our family split up, with some eating Sonic and some eating Schlotzsky's Delifood, but we could all sit at the same food court table. It was great to bask in the sun and enjoy some tasty stuff. Aside from finding out that Minnesota was beating the Giants and the Bears were loosing to Houston, our group was starting to feel better about our chances of getting to our destination, especially with Green bay putting Detroit into the record books.

After a few quick calls back home and forward to Houston, we boarded our plane and took off. A smooth flight, with only a bit of ear trouble for me and we were in Houston.

But all the Southwest funwas not over yet...