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10 billion coins struck in 2018

The United States Mint has struck just over 10 billion coins in the first nine months of the calendar year.


Comprising nearly 60 percent of the total are cents at 6,018,000,000 pieces produced by Philadelphia and Denver combined.

Philadelphia has struck slightly more than half the total.

Dimes are the next most numerous circulating coins coming off the presses.

Thus far, 1,680,500,000 pieces have been struck. That figure exceeds quarter production by more than 200 million pieces.

Quarter production stands at 1,471,714.

Only nickels have not quite yet reached one billion coins. Output presently is 967,440,000.

No collector-only half dollar and dollar coin production was recorded in September.

For the calendar year, 10.2 million halves have been struck and 3.5 million dollar coins.

Collectors apparently find half dollars more appealing in the bag and roll quantities being sold by the Mint.

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