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Volume I, Number 1, Monday, October 13, 1952


In these two excerpts from the very first issue of Numismatic News, Chet Krause writes the first of his many letters to his readers. He explains  his motivation for starting Numismatic News and outlines his goal of providing a paper published for collectors, by a  collector.


Far away from the coin clubs, far away from coin shops, live thousands of collectors who rarely see another person whose interests are in harmony with his. His collecting is known only to a few and these are not especially interested except that he has so much money. This collector has been neglected, he has been made to pay through the nose so to speak for his collection. I do not mean that a dealer has taken advantage of him but that he has paid out a young fortune on postage, insurance, etc., and for cashing refund checks. It is hoped that the Numismatic News will introduce this fellow to the more fortunate collectors of active coin groups, to the fellow who has more first hand information on coin collecting.

It will be through the columns of this paper that all collectors will have an opportunity to trade and correspond with one another from coast to coast. We shall be able to buy or sell or trade with collectors who have duplicated accumulations, etc., which they would gladly part with to get hold of something they might add to their collections.

The hand which is writing this belongs to a man who is from an isolated community. He is only a collector and has long felt the need of a paper such as this. His interests are your interests. His interests are your interests. He is not a printer or a coin dealer. In fact I am only a carpenter.

I know I am going to need a lot of help to put this paper over. Especially I am going to need help in getting it into the hands of that collector of whom I have spoken. It is through you that I hope to find him in the isolated spots. Of course I have to have all collectors but I plan to reach the more active groups through coin clubs and they are receiving this Introductory Issue.

So without further ado I will introduce myself as a fellow Numismatic News. I am Chester L. Krause. Until we may some day meet in person let me meet you through your subscription to the Numismatic News.

A Short Biography of Your Publisher

If you are like I am and I suppose you are, I imagine you are wondering just who Chester L. Krause is.  Well to start with I am just plain Chet.  I’m not 30 yet and still a bachelor.  I know it’s leap year, I am not advertising, just stating a fact. By trade I am a carpenter. Most of my work is in or around Iola. As far as my collecting; it is strictly U.S. Of late I have two pets. Commemorative and S L Quarters Unc., Neither are complete but have a nice start.  Any nice coin tempts me.

My favorite Uncle gave me a free trip to Europe during World War II.  Saw lots of country over there, that is out of the back of a G. I. truck.  Was gone away from here 3 years. It is since my return my collection really started. It was, however, a hangover from prewar days.

Until two years ago I lived on a farm a short distance from town. Of course Iola isn’t very big, only about 800.

That brings up the fact where is Iola? And what a name? Well without the aid of a map it is kind of hard to tell you just where it is. So if you will get out your atlas, find Wisconsin put your finger on the center of the map, lift it up and you should be quite close to Stevens Point. Just east of there 25 miles is Iola.

Iola is Norwegian, that is it used to be, however with the advance of time and migrating of other nationalities such as myself you’ll find most everything here now. It isn’t too uncommon to hear the Norske language being spoken on the streets and in the surrounding communities.  I would say Iola is just an average American community.

 Subscription and Advertising Rates

The yearly rate of the Numismatic News, shall be $2.00. Every subscriber shall be given 20 free words of free advertising in each issue which shall be monthly. Extra words and additional classified ads shall be sold at 3c per word. The right to reject any unethical ads shall be reserved, that is blind ads, etc.

Display ads will be computed at 70 cents per column inch. Advertisers must furnish mats if they are to be included.

As the next two issues are free, any subscriptions received during 1952 will have their date of beginning on January 1, 1953.