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The Joys and Pains of eBay

ebay headquartersAs I troll the social media sites and message boards each week to see what collectors are discussing, one thing pops up time and time again – eBay. For sellers, the site has been a benefit – a place where the little guy can engage in his favorite hobby, and make some money by not spending a lot. For buyers, it’s a one-stop place to find almost anything you’re looking for in many grades at affordable prices.

But for some, eBay can be a disappointment. Hidden fees, sketchy sellers and finding what you purchased isn’t quite what you expected when you finally get it in hand, seem to top the list of instances that have turned some collectors off from the site.

I can say that I’ve had both experiences in my eBay shopping.

What have your experiences been buying and selling on eBay? What is your advice for new buyers, and what do you wish sellers would do to make shopping better?

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One Response to The Joys and Pains of eBay

  1. Nickel_man says:

    I can testify that from my beginning (January 2000) to today eBay is not seller friendly.
    I have seen MANY fakes being offered and the good sellers are getting booted off eBay.
    I haven’t sold an item on eBay since September of 2010 and to this day I get eBay notices that I am about to get restrictions on my selling or banned due to low DSR on shipping costs. These are from eBay for the same messages are in the message box on eBay.
    I talked to many dealers in the coin industry that have been in business for over 20 years and hear the same horror stories.
    eBay has lost touch and want buyers but when you lose your good sellers over BS and cater to buyers who work the system to rid the good sellers then the down fall is in the future for eBay.
    I am one that will list on other sites that are fair to sellers AND buyers… as well as setup at shows.

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