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Community Voice Responses (6/30/2015)

From the June 5 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Do coin shops serve your current needs?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

No.  It is very hard to find a coin shop that has reasonably priced coins. Most of the time I drive 200 miles one way to find the coins I am looking for at coin show.  You can usually make offers and if they are reasonable you can get the coin(s) you need or want.

Richard Beringer
Tyndall, S.D.

Yes to a large part of what I need to work my collection. But I buy a good portion from the Mint or a trusted dealer online.

William Johnston
San Antonio, Texas

The answer is not always especially in terms of supplies. For instance items such as 2.5-inch holders for crown- sized coins are not available, but this is not a frequent request.

As far as coins, the local dealers know what I like and they always show me recent acquisitions.

R.S. “Bart” Bartanowicz

I work exclusively with a Coin Shop, Hilltop Coins in Marion, Iowa – Lee and Marci Roe. I determine what I am looking for and ask them to find it. I realize many like the searching process. I prefer the decision (What do I want), acceptance ( I still have the final say on whether or not to make the purchase, although Lee and I have very similar appreciation for quality) and enjoyment (own it, pull it out of the safe often and look and marvel) processes.

I will attend coin shows, but mostly to see what is out there for sale, and to consider coins I have not added to my wish list for Hilltop.

I will probably never get to the point of buying from the internet. What I have seen to date, I do not care for the pricing of the coins for sale.

Kim Greenwood
Address withheld

We have one here and I get whatever I need, coins  and supplies. It is a very nice coin shop.

Gerald Young
Wooster, Ohio

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One Response to Community Voice Responses (6/30/2015)

  1. chridenp says:

    I rarely buy coins from my local coin shop, but I do buy supplies there…They have the best prices on Albums, pages, and folders and no shipping charges since I’m there to pick it up anyway. As far as their coin prices, they seem to be a bit on the high side and I can do much better on line…Either thru ebay or the US Mint, I’m mostly satisfied with the pricing. If not, I just don’t buy anything unless I absolutely need the coins to complete a collection.
    Dennis Post
    Minneapolis, MN

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