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Community Voice Responses (09/11/12)


From the August 17th Numismatic e-newsletter: Would you buy an octagonal gold Panama-Pacific $5 commemorative if it is issued in 2015? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Would I buy Pan-Pac $5 gold coins, both round and octagon shaped if they were issued? Yes. As I only buy the gold coins from the Mint, I would welcome the issue. All other issues from the Mint I avoid completely. I think that making the $5 gold coins is a great idea. They would be small enough that most collectors could afford so that sales of the coin should not be a problem. The only problem I see is whether the Mint’s computer will be able to handle the demand this issue should generate. I would hope the Mint would do the same as they did with the silver Eagle issue from San Francisco and have an order period prior to striking of the coins. Sounds like a good idea to me.
John T. Tinney
Volcano, Calif.

If I can afford it, yes.
Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

With the current price of gold right around $1,600, no, but if by the time they are issued the price might calm down some, then yes. I personally think an octagonal coin is nice looking.
Michael P. Schmeyer
Halsey Valley, N.Y.

I would support these in 2015 and most likely purchase the proof examples.
Gary Herrmann
Madison, Wis.


Whether or not I would order one would depend in large measure on what it looked like. If it were a thing of beauty like the UHR reproduction or historically interesting like the San Francisco Mint pieces, I probably would. Otherwise, no.
Bill Eckberg
West Palm Beach, Fla.


Yes, I would buy all four offerings. I usually don’t buy commemoratives.
Norm Wong
Huntington Beach, Calif.


I would be interested in purchasing any variety of the Panama-Pacific commemorative if it is issued.
Gary Silvers
Tamarac, Fla.


Would definitely buy an octagonal and/or round Pan Pacific. Saw an old western when I was just a kid, and they were throwing those big ol’ gold coins on the table at a card game and remembered asking my dad what they were. Years later when I started collecting, I saw those gold coins and remembered that movie and those big eight-sided gold coins, but the cost was totally way out there.
James D. Santeufemio Sr.
Pittsburgh, Pa.


I would absolutely buy an octagonal Pan-Pac reissue.
Ankur Jetley
New Jersey


Were the Mint to strike 2015 Panama Pacific commemorative half eagles, I would be interested in purchasing one to keep if it looks good and is not too expensive.
Usually I am not interested in modern U.S. commemoratives because their designs lack appeal and they are struck in low relief. I fear the new Pan-Pacs will end up looking more like arcade tokens than classic commemoratives.
Patrick Yamada
Address withheld

Nope. Sure wouldn’t. The only commemorative coins that really interest me are the 1892-1954 ones. To each his own, I guess.
Name withheld

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  1. s.k.stanczyk says:

    I would definitely purchase them. It is very exciting to think of a coin out of the normal notion that it be round. Octagonal is unique and beautiful, definitely a conversation starter. I would also love to see some ringed bimetallic coins made to add unique excitement to our hobby. Ours is a wonderful hobby, and it is great when ideas from the past come back to pick up interest in numismatics

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