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Community Voice Responses (09/04/12)


From the August 14rd Numismatic e-newsletter: Would you buy trial strikes from the U.S. Mint if it offered them? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I will be interested in the trial strikes from the U.S. Mint.
Manish Gupta
Friendswood, Texas

Yes, I would buy trial coins as long as they are silver or gold.
Holly Ponsell
Brunswick, Ga.

That would be a good way for the Mint to recoup some of the cost, but I hate to see the Mint turning into a junk store just to make money like Canada.
Todd Bucholdt
Hollywood, Fla.

Heck, yes. Limited numbers would make them valuable later. But I might be more interested if they were trial proof strikes.
Samuel Donovan
Pittsford, N.Y.

Yep, I would.
James Marceau
Kerrville, Texas

I would love to buy a trial strike depending on the price and amount struck. But will those sales turn into the 2011 ASE 25th anniversary circus on ordering day? Or do they do some sort of lottery where you submit your name and they randomly draw winners? Winners could only win one coin that year to allow as fair a distribution as they can make it.
The obvious temptation is the secondary market where, if these coins are rare, they will sky rocket in price, but our hobby works that way so that’s life.
This will also make it next to impossible to assemble a complete set for the average collector. But, I would still like to own one to pass it along to my kids when they get interested in this ever-changing hobby.
Name withheld
North Branch, Minn.

In my opinion, the Mint should slow down a bit. Trying to keep up on a retiree’s budget gets rather tight.
Take, for example, the new two-coin “S” Eagles. Are they going to start moving it to Denver next for a special set?
We have tons of Presidential coins stashed about the country with no demand. Not sure the left hand knows what the right brain is thinking.
David J. McNally
Address withheld

Yes, I would be interested in a trial strike if offered.
William Latza
Melbourne, Fla.

I most certainly would be interested in acquiring U.S. Mint trial strikes.
Gary Silvers
Tamarac, Fla.

Yes, depending on what coin they were talking about, I would definitely purchase trial strikes of certain coins.
Michael P. Schmeyer
Halsey Valley, N.Y.

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