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Community Voice Responses (05/22/2012)


From the April 27 e-newsletter: Did the Mint learn its lesson by deciding to mint to demand for the San Francisco Mint set?

The five-coin 25th Anniversary Sets in 2011 had a five-set limit and a maximum of 100,000 set production.
Sell-out was in about two days with horrendous difficulties in placing an order.
What are the limits of this 2012 sets?
Rich Greer
Columbia, Md.

Editor’s note: There are no limits. The Mint will strike as many sets as are ordered in the 28-day period June 7 to July 5.

I am not sure it was a lesson learned after the 100,000 limit on the 25th anniversary set, but rather an offering of appeasement and great marketing.
When I got one the early 2009 High Relief Double Eagles I thought the Mint would keep it to a lower number. The number grew with time, but was not that great. A lot less than the 2011 five-coin American Eagle silver anniversary set of 100,000. I like the coin and its value.
So those who did not get the American Eagle Silver Anniversary Set can feel better when they get this one. The interesting point will be what total mintage is reached. No matter what level, someone will be somehow disappointed. Looking forward to the fall and final results on this one.
An aside Dave: A la your experiences reported from the Crystal Cafe, my local lunch emporium served up a 1964 AU Washington quarter two weeks ago and a nice ‘60s $10 bill in February. Someone is cleaning out drawers it would seem.
Ron Walling
Ottawa, Ill.

Editor’s note: The Mint will not call the new S-mint two-coin American Eagle set an anniversary set, it has announced.

There is still room for improvement. Why set a start date? Why don’t they take orders from time of announcement of the product? I’d like to buy now, at the current price of silver.
Still, this is a big improvement. I like the idea of the “sales odometer.” I hope the price is reasonable. It should be close to the price of two proof silver Eagles. At $59.95 the proof silver Eagle is expensive. Will the two-coin set cost more than $120? Now I am hoping for a Denver Mint silver Eagle.
Donald Cantrell

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