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Online Advertising Tips

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Online Advertising Guide

Tips for successful online advertising


• Present your primary message as the strongest visual element in your ad. You want to present a strong, clear message to capture interest.
• Use fewer words and make the font size bigger. This delivers better impact. • Use words like “free”, “outstanding”, “affordable”, etc… to grab attention quickly.
• Go easy on the number of elements—words, colors, fonts, graphics, animation. You want to draw the eye without offending the viewer with clutter.

Rule of thumb: When it comes to online ads—“Less is more.” You will make a stronger impact with a less cluttered message.

Measuring online ad success:

• Most advertisers look at the following key elements to determine the effectiveness of a Web ad/ campaign:
How many Clicks did the ad receive? This is the number of visitors who click on the ad linking to the advertiser’s Web site.
• How many Page Views (Impressions) did the ad receive? This is the number of times a particular Web page has been requested from the server.  Page views indicate the number of visitors who could have seen the ad.  Although they don’t measure branding effectiveness, they do measure how many visitors were exposed to it.
What was the Click-through Rate (CTR)? This is the percentage of total visitors to a particular page who actually clicked on the ad.

Note: A typical click-through-rate is less than 1 percent. Generally speaking, click-through rates significantly higher than that are very rare.

*KP is able to track all the above elements via detailed reports that are available upon request.

For more details and/or to reserve your online advertising schedule, contact your Krause Publications advertising representative:

• Robbie Cain, e-mail
• Sue Konkel, e-mail
• Debbie Mader, e-mail

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