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Numismatic News provides weekly reports on market trends and news concerning collectible U.S. coins and paper money, the source for collectors since 1952. Coin Market, a comprehensive U.S. coin retail price guide, appears in the first issue of each month. Popular columns include Coin Clinic, Class of ’63, Making the Grade, Facts about Fakes, Under the Glass, On the Scene and Item of the Week. Editor David C. Harper brings more than 40 years of hobby know-how and perspective to the pages of Numismatic News and pens a weekly column.  
Fifty five years of publishing in the numismatic area has made Krause Publications synonomous with coin collecting. When consulting one of our Standard Catalogs, you can be sure  you are receiving the most accurate and up to date information, as verifed by noted experts in the hobby. In addition to having reliable details, many of your favorite references are also in CD format, providing another way to get the information you need, wherever you are. Be sure to check out our extensive line of books and CDs to add to your coin collecting library.   

Coin Folders
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Krause Publications not only has the pricing and details about the coins you collect, but now we provide you with a beautiful selection of folder to display your coins in style. The Warman’s Coin Folder collection features folders for a variety of U.S. coins, and each contains more slots than the average folder with historic details and coin specifics included.


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