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This Week’s Letters (8/22/08)

From the Aug. 15 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Do you think protesters in Denver will levitate the mint there as they plan to do the last week of August?

I tend to think that political protesters, supposedly demonstrating their convictions at the convention, should not make any correlation to our circulating coinage, but then again, we should never underestimate the limits of a desperate mindset.
Charles M.
Havertown, Pa.

I believe back in the 1960s or early 1970s an attempt was made to levitate the Pentagon. Of course they were unsuccessful. I don’t know if this group is using the same methods or maybe they have learned something new from David Copperfield or some other magic. But frankly I think if they are minting at the time and have alot of metals and coins on site, the building might be too heavy to levitate. Just my opinion.

Kelly Hostetler
Louisburg, Kan.

Who are these people, why are they doing this and what do they expect to accomplish with this Denver Mint thing?

Cal Miller
Idaho Falls, Idaho

How can they get it any higher? It already is a mile high.

Kyle Stromgren
Yelm, Wash.

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