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Are U.S. Mint uncirculated coin sets worth their cost?

Editor Dave Harper wants to know:

Are U.S. Mint uncirculated coin sets worth their cost?

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One Response to Are U.S. Mint uncirculated coin sets worth their cost?

  1. There is not an expert in this field that knows we need young people in this hobby. You want to stop them from coming in? Stop the mint sets. Just make gold coins, and anniversary coins and collector coins. Not to forget slabed coins oh and they can always collect from auction houses. Many new collector’s can afford these sets. They have DANSCO albums fullof these coins. So let’s get rid of them. Get rid of the penny the nickel and the dollar and the hundred dollar bill. Let’s get rid of everything. Then you’ll see how many kids will collect. They don’t make sixty thousand dollars a year. They collect t what they can afford. And as you experts know they’ll stay in the hobby. No they won’t. Why should they. What’s the fun putting a set together. There’s a lot of fun . But you guys on top have forgot that fun. Putting a set together with your son. All you care about are rare and rarer coins. All you care about is how much can you spend. Try thinking about others for a change. Just my opinion Mike.

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