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Are people who still use coins costing taxpayers too much money?

Editor Dave Harper wants to know:

Are people who still use coins costing taxpayers too much money?

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2 Responses to Are people who still use coins costing taxpayers too much money?

  1. hrlaser says:

    No.. circulating coins still serve many purposes.. maybe they’re out there, but I have yet to see an apartment building laundry room which has machines that take currency or plastic.. they take quarters.. at least the ones where I live do.. what costs taxpayers money are sales taxes.. are there any states other than Oregon that have no sales tax on anything?.. in Calif., everything in a supermarket is taxed except food, and there are probably some Congresscritters trying to add a tax to food.. I have friends who live in Calif. who go to Oregon to purchase cars and save thousands in sales taxes.. then the cars have Oregon plates on them, and they park them in the garages of homes in Calif., because they also own a home in Oregon, so they can get away with a trick like that.. the bloated military budget also costs taxpayers money to pay for billion $ fighters and bombers that the military doesn’t even want, and will never be used.. but I digress..

  2. dwatson says:

    I just got back from holiday (as the Parisians say) in France and I was surprised by the amount of coins and paper money they use. I think what we are missing is twofold, the coins especially the cent through 50 cent is much smaller and some of the coins are made of two different metals, each paper money denominations (Euro) is a different size and color. I think we here in the US need to study our coin and paper money to see what will work and is a cost saving ad well as protecting our currency from counterfeiting. Rounding up or down is another issue which I will not even try to discuss because of the taxing issues here in the US.

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