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Monday, October 2, 1961


As Numismatic News expanded, the scope of its reporting became more diverse.

Missouri County “Secedes” “Stamps and Coins” Issued

One hundred years ago, our southern states had completed their withdrawal from the Union. Today, on the heels of this centennial, a Missouri county has followed suit.

The issue is not that of slavery, it centers around the towns of Noel, Pineville and Southwest City being left off the 1961 Missouri “Family Vacationlands” brochure.

In addition to being left off the vacationland map, the highway running through Noel was omitted entirely and another highway placed in the wrong direction.

The county folk were in arms, bur a quick apology from the governor quieted matters ‘till a state official announced that the area was intentionally left out because it was “too commercialized.” Citizens reached for their squirrel gun.

A provincial government has been named with Z.L. McGowan, acting president.

Previous to this incident, the Highway department rerouted U.S. 71 to by pass the towns. The road through Noel was designated Route 75, for a few weeks to Missouri 59. 71 is a main route between the Canadian border and New Orleans. One can readily see that the redesignations of the highways provided a more serious blow to these people that the map incident did. Resort operators claim a substantial loss of business as a result. To finance money for Highway signs and to promote publicity in the citizens fight to regain their “Highway,” the officials of the Territory have issued stamps and wooden nickels.

These are obtainable from the Treasurer of the Territory, Roslyn M. Gorski. The stamps are 25c for one of each of five colors, 40c for a sheet of 25. The wooden nickels cost 25c each of five for $1. If the readers would like to send a self-addressed stamped envelope, the Treasurer will attach a Territorial stamp, cancel it and return it at no cost other than the price of one stamp.