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Monday, May 2, 1960


Chet Krause valued correspondence with his readers. The Letter Box was a Numismatic News staple from the very beginning. Readers could share their coin finds, collecting stories or any other interesting anecdote.

Letter Box

Dear Sirs:

We knew that your Numismatic News is and was a good Paper, but this month it took the cake. We received it and I went into the little boys room to rest, and look it over, came out after about ten minutes. Laid it down on the desk, made a few loans and went to get a bite to eat, and upon my return, (the paper was in our cage where we keep our money), the News was gone, and I do mean gone. We have looked, and looked and can’t find it so please Air mail us another. I do sure hope that the party that picked it up subscribes to your paper so at least one of us makes something off him.

Sid Garrison

Muskogee, Okla.