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Monday, January 5, 1959


As 1960 approached, the News continued to grow. What started out as a shopper meant to connect buyers and sellers, grew into a full-fledged newspaper, covering some of the most significant news stories in numismatic history.

New Reverse for 1959 Lincoln Cent

Lincoln Memorial is Featured

President Eisenhower has approved a new design for our Lincoln cent. Henceforth the reverse of our cent shall bear the likeness of Lincoln Memorial built in 1922 as a tribute to the great emancipator. The change is timed with the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth which will also be commemorated by several postage stamps as well as numerous celebrations in cities throughout the land.

The combination of Lincoln Memorial and the head of Lincoln is not new to our money, for it is the same design that graces our current five dollar notes. Lincoln’s bust also appears on the five dollar silver certificate of 1923. On May 30, 1992 one of the most beautiful buildings in America was presented by Chief Justice Taft to President Harding who accepted it on behalf of the American people. Its walls are surrounded by 36 Doric columns of white marble each representing a state at the time of Lincoln’s death. In the center space with it is a huge statue of Lincoln.

The present design was first coined 50 years ago in 1909 to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Lincoln’s birth and represents the longest any design has appeared on a single coin. It is a fitting tribute that the Lincoln Memorial be added to the coin in that the structure was built since the Lincoln cent was originally designed and that it is a living symbol of leadership that has held our great nation as one.

Production of the new cent began January 2nd and it is hoped that a sufficient number will have been coined by February 12th, Lincoln’s birthday, so that they can be released for general circulation.