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Monday, February 16, 1959


In February of 1959, Numismatic News made the the big decision to switch from publishing one issue each month to a semi-monthly format.

Numismatic News Begins Publishing Semi-Monthly

After fourth months of sparring with various ways of meeting the demand for space in our publication it was the decision that publishing twice a month be given a whirl.

An ever increasing amount of requests for such a publication have been received over the past two years with a definite increase shown during the past six months as the News was utterly bursting at the seams to include all the copy submitted to us. The cover idea that was used in December and again in January did provide the needed face lifting gave an additional four pages over the 64 that was produced by the regular newspaper presses. The main disadvantage to such a set-up is that it increased the time that elapsed from the time the last page was made up until the first paper could be addressed. It was felt that the index should remain on the back page. And it was necessary to withhold this cover section from the press until the index was completed which is the last material to be set in type.

In the case of our October issue where the paper was mailed in two sections some of the advertisers suffered, we are sure, as it was quite impossible to deliver both sections at one time. Perhaps the biggest complaint we heard was that the bulk of 80 ages is too much for the average reader to consume at one time.

Uncle Sam’s post office gave us a very slow delivery on our January issue. From the letters we received about the same, it was our observation, that the January issue generally was received 5 to 7 days later than normal. Whether this was a post Christmas let down we have not been able to ascertain. In any event it delayed those planning to use space in our February edition from sending their ad copy out as early as they desired. The net result was that we were swamped with copy at deadline the day after. Despite the fact that every piece of type-setting equipment was pressed into use, our printers could not give us delivery of a giant sized paper short of a long delay. It was therefore our decision that the time had come to act to alliviate a repetition of same in future issues. And although we would have much preferred having announced our intentions well in advance of actually beginning a semimonthly we found ourselves in a situation that required positive action.