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War On Terror

War On Terror

The real War on Terror should not only be directed against an enemy that is depicted so unrealistically as on the privately issued medal below which portrays an Arab on a camel surrendering to a jet plane or even the much more deadly Islamic Jihadists who can’t think of anything better to do with their lives than to commit suicide in the name of their religion while expecting to be rewarded with a 72 virgin heavenly orgy. No the real threat to the American way of life are the cyber terrorists world wide who create spy ware and computer viruses. These are the true evil geniuses who will someday bring our lives to a grinding halt. If our government isn’t already doing so then it is about time we establish a special agency to back track these destructive creations to their sources. If we find that the terrorists responsible are within our jurisdiction; they should be given an extended tropical island vacation at our world famous government resort in Guantanamo, Cuba. For the creative terrorists who are beyond our reach or even part of a hostile foreign government, we should present them with our first place grand prize, a Tomahawk Cruise Missile delivered free of charge to their front door or computer location.

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Retired from KP after nearly 31 years as new issues editor and the Standard Catalogs.
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