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The Stolen Valor Act

Since the Stolen Valor Act was passed last year, word of it has spread fear far and wide. Auction houses have canceled sales. Ebay has banned some US military medals from it’s site and even marginal dealers in antique malls have pulled the US military medals from their display cases.  Recently when I asked an antique mall dealer if she had any military medals for sale a horrified look came over her face and she asked ,”isn’t that illegal now?” Her question is an example of the tragic consequences of a legislative disaster called the Stolen Valor Act.  How many military medals will be lost due to fear of violating this new law. No, I told the lady, based on Sen. Kent Conrad’s  quoted opinion that the words  “except when authorized under regulations made pursuant to law.” found  in the bill, make it legal for collectors and private citizens to buy, sell and trade  US military medals as long as the medals are genuine and not used for fraudulent purposes.(Check this link for his quote:  http://www.omsa.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1518 ).  Since Sen. Conrad, Dem. from North Dakota, was one of the bill’s sponsors I will take his word for that. I will continue to buy and collect US military medals and sincerely hope that everyone reading this blog will also continue collecting  as usual.  If we as American Collectors do not continue to collect our own national military medals and preserve their history who will?

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3 Responses to The Stolen Valor Act

  1. No Way says:

    I hope that the law prohibits antique dealers from peddling too. The medals belong to those who earned them, not collectors. Collectorsdon’t have any claim to these medals.

  2. Fred J Borgmann says:

    Thank you for your heart felt comment! I have a question for you. What happens if the veteran wants to sell his medals or dies? Every medal in my collection was earned by a veteran other than myself. Each medal I own was originally sold by the person who actually earned it or a family member disposing of the estate. I actually bought a Purple Heart that was found laying on the ground at a local garbage dump twenty years ago! I do have a legal claim to the medals that I own. As a collector I also have a moral obligation to see that the medals I own and their history is preserved. What have you done to protect and preserve the medals and history of our deceased veterans?

  3. Warbuff says:

    How sad that the above attitude exists from No Way. I have been so blessed to be our family historian. I have received into my care family heirlooms dating from 1790 and upwards. If all medals can only be held by those who earned them what shall we as a people have in another hundred years. No history, no care, no consideration of those who have kept us free. Each medal, each letter, each artifact carefully kept by those so sneeringly called collectors, preserves our Nations heritage and provides a pathway into our past that otherwise might never be kept open.

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