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The Order of Lincoln

A few months ago I presented an example of an Order of Lincoln Regents Breast Badge. Since then I saw an example of the Order’s Laureate Neck badge and Lapel Ribbon in the latest FJP Auction which made me wonder exactly how many versions of the O of L insignia exist.   Based on their web site this is what I found:

Order of Lincoln

Sash, red ribbon with green edged purple center stripe, 5 arm cross with green wreath above,

Obverse Lincoln portrait.

For Officers, regents for life, regents and general trustees.


Officer’s Breast Badge

5 Arm cross, pin back, Illinois arms on obv.

For officers, regents and regents for life


Student Laureate

5 arm neck badge with green wreath above, plain red neck ribbon.

Obverse Lincoln portrait.


Laureate Order of Lincoln

5 arm neck badge with green wreath above.

Red ribbon with green edged purple center stripe

Obverse Illinois State Arms



Lapel Ribbon

Miniature 5 arm cross on red ribbon with green edged purple center stripe. Lincoln portrait on obverse.


Lapel Pin

Miniature 5 arm cross pin back with Lincoln portrait.

This order is awarded for primarily civilian non-military recognition to persons with any kind of link to the State of Illinois. As such it is currently a scarce award but as time goes on I expect this to become a more easy to obtain award for collectors.

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