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Poacher Catching or Wildlife Protection Medal

Back in the early 1970’s I bought this medal out of a Henry Christensen coin auction. It was written up as a German award for catching poachers. It is a heavy .800 fine silver cross with gold plated discs and star bursts mounted on the centers of both sides.. On the obverse is a fairly standard shooting medal design mounted on the center signed “E. Pinke Berlin” which is a new one to me. The reverse has a center disc engraved “I. // Ritter // Sch. G. // Wildschutz // 22. 7. 14.” in five lines. “I. Ritter” could be a name or a rank as it is written. The “Sch. G.” are abbreviations for what I may never know. “Wildschutz” would mean wildlife protection or poacher as my German-English dictionary lists it. The date is July 22, 1914. I am sure that the Germans were not awarding medals to poachers so the wildlife protection for which this medal was awarded could very well have included catching poachers.

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