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Masonic Hospital Medal

Long ago back when I was a pupil in St. Leo’s grade school I was admonished not to be a “Doubting Thomas.” That may have been good advice in matters of faith but as collectors we should all have a little “Doubting Thomas” in us. Illustrated below is a Masonic medal that has been in my collection for years. I was never really sure what it was issued for and assumed it was for long term membership or service. Last week I finally got my hands on a copy of George A. Brown’s book titled: “CANADIAN WELCOME HOME MEDALS 1899-1945” which is an impressive first attempt at cataloging a totally uncharted field. On page 135 of that book is a description of what is listed as a Canadian Masonic WWII service medal with a picture of the medal on the following page. This is exactly the same as my mystery medal. There is no inscription on the medal explaining it’s purpose so I guess Mr. Brown accepted what he was told about the medal by one of his contributors on faith. Above the scene of Charity giving aid to a sick or injured man is the motto: “AEGROS SANAT HUMANITAS” flanking the initials “FH” in a circle which according to what I found on the internet links this medal to the Masonic hospital at Finnesbury Park in England. There may have been such hospitals in Canada too or Canadians may have served during the war at the Finnesbury Park hospital. The medal is surely for physical or financial service to the hospital. As with most British silver this medal is extensively hallmarked and the hallmarks record where and by whom the medal was made plus the year it was made. I could not read the hallmarks on the pictured medal in Brown’s book but my medal is clearly marked as being made by “RJ” in London in 1931 so this medal could not possibly be a Canadian Masonic WWII service award.

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