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Looks Like A Medal


What appears to be a Canadian military medal really isn’t a medal at all . Starting at the top we have a bronze “CANADA” shoulder title pin signed “H.J. INGLS LIMITED”. Suspended from this shoulder title with a tartan-like plaid cloth ribbon is a cap badge of the 172nd Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force known as the Rocky Mountain Rangers.

A few of my personal observations about this piece are that this is a First World War item and is not a medal of any kind. The ribbon, which is an indication of the unit’s Scottish heritage, hangs from the pin of the shoulder title thus making it impossible to wear this as a medal. The cap badge pendant is missing it’s pin and catch and is sewn to the ribbon using the remaining hinge as an anchor loop. My guess is that this assembly of items is a sweet heart, memorial or souvenir item. Any Canadian experts out there?

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3 Responses to Looks Like A Medal

  1. james caldwell says:

    yes its a cap badge I was a Rocky Mountian Ranger , it’s in fairly decent shape for wear but if you say the mount pins and loops are gone well so be it .. WW1 era .cant say anything about the metal SHOULDER flash . and tartan .

  2. james caldwell says:

    Whoops forgot to say the unit isnt scottish but the soldier could be ..


    heres a link to the unit of the time

  3. Fred Borgmann says:

    Thanks James.

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